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Cardag Deutschland
An der Allee 6 D
99848 Wutha-Farnroda
Tel: +49 36 921 30 710
Fax: +49 36 921 30 711


Cardag Deutschland GmbH develops, manufactures and markets high quality, durable contactless and contact-based chip cards. Depending upon the customer requirements the cards can be created from a range of different materials, printed using various processes and contain various additional features in order to fulfil a wide range of applications and security needs. This is possible thanks to a highly automated production process, starting with the creation of the module in-house, followed by the manufacture of specific antennae through to the ready-laminated cards which are 100% electrically tested and programmed. Most of the machines and all material compositions have been developed by the company itself, ensuring that projects are brought to a successful conclusion with optimum flexibility, combined with first class quality and security. | info(at) | Address: Laki 5, Tallinn 10621, Estonia | Phone: +372 658 11 30 Free website - Webbyt
Free website - Webbyt