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Due to the increasing complexity of card and chip card technology, it may be difficult for the customer to order cards and services from various suppliers. Trüb Baltic offers it's clients full service – it enables to minimize the number of parties involved and to launch new products faster and with less effort thus easing the strain of the clients.

+ Global certificate for MasterCard products.
Trüb Baltic AS is the only certified personalization centre in Estonia.

+ Our own chip development (Clarista®).

Clarista is available in SDA, DDA and DI standards, and can be used in the areas of payment, e-banking authentication, loyalty and secure e-commerce. Clarista is particularly suitable for the migration to EMV. Its price-performance ratio is unrivaled in the market.

The banking clients of Trüb Baltic are Estonian commercial banks and some banks in Latvia and Lithuania.
Trüb Baltic is experienced in daily card delivery logistics to Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

Trüb Baltic’s daily work in providing the services for banks includes tailored solutions in the field of project initiation, card design and production, certification services, personalization, packaging and shipment. We will assist the customers every step of the way in order to ensure that the custom-made card solution is in keeping with all their needs and requirements.

Trüb Baltic’s range of productions is in constant development and thus we ensure the efficiency of the services tailored to our customers' every need.

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Free website - Webbyt