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Trüb is one of the world’s leading producers of polycarbonate ID-documents with the highest available security standards. Our consultants have a vast range of experience in the given field based on the projects executed in more than 20 countries on four continents. The increasing number of our highly motivated and qualified staff, including IT-specialists, experts of the chip and OP technology, research and development staff guarantee that all the needs and requirements of the client will be met. This is Trüb’s challenge and promise.

Trüb produces ID-cards for the following countries: Estonia Switzerland  Germany
 Hong Kong  Bosnia Herzegovina Croatia Poland  Dubai Georgia  Lichtenstein
 Montenegro  El Salvador 

Trüb Baltic AS is responsible for the production of Estonian ID-cards and similarly provides personalisation and certification services.

The ID-card of the Republic of Estonia has been considered one of the most successful projects in the world as the document provides access to various functions, including the following: E-government (E-Tax Office, E-elections etc), online banking and trade, electronic ticketing, digital signatures for documents, driving licence services, and it naturally also functions as a secure travel document all over the world.

The Estonian ID-card is characterised by the following features:

  • Security and material technologies ensuring counterfeit-resistance meet the highest quality standards;
  • The laser engraving technology and the chemical and optical processes ensuring the resistance to data manipulation meet the highest quality standards;
  • Long-term durability due to the polycarbonate alloy material;
  • Chip solutions: the application of electronically readable functions.

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