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The requirements for the electronic security and physical durability for the tachograph cards are set very high. The cards must be highly durable in the truck and bus cabins as they must endure intensive use and also the high temperatures behind the windscreen. The tachograph cards produced by Trüb have been developed in keeping with the conditions described above.

Trüb produces tachograph cards for the following countries:
• Estonia • Latvia • Lithuania • Ukraine • Bulgaria • Romania • Switzerland
• Germany • Lichtenstein • Serbia • Iceland

Trüb Baltic AS is responsible for the production and personalisation of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Icelandic tachograph cards.

The tachograph solutions provided by Trüb are entirely in keeping with the EU regulation 1360/2002 and thus their functionality is ensured in the following conditions:

  • Proven lifespan of 6 years
  • The highest level of security
  • The best resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal forces
  • The best resistance to sunlight
  • Temperatures from -25° C to +70° C, in certain conditions even up to +85° C
  • Humidity levels from 10% to 90%

The certified cards comply with the directives of the European Commission related to the electromagnetic compatibility and the security of electrostatic solutions.

The European Union has approved all the supplies by Trüb to the Ministries of Transport in the EU. As the solutions have proven to be successful, Trüb has secured its leading position in the given market. As of today the company has produced over 3 million tachograph smart cards.

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